Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising

Imagine that's a sack of shit Seth Rogen's trying to get away with, and you'll have a pretty good metaphor for this movie.
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(Reviewed May 9, 2016, by James Dawson)

As of May 10, this is the movie I most regretted sitting all the way through this year. Painfully unfunny, vulgar and stupid in the usual Seth Rogen fashion, it not only failed to make me laugh, it made me wish that I could have fled from the theater to be absolutely anywhere else. (Abandoning my similarly unamused seatmate, who had to see this abomination for professional reasons, unfortunately was not an option.) (Because she drove, that's why.)

Here's all you need to know: The movie's first scene features Rose Byrne riding atop Rogen's body in bed until she pukes in his face during sex. Incredibly, things go downhill from there, unless you're a fan of things like bloody tampons splatting against and sticking to windows.

For the love of God, stay away.

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