Neil Young takes a journey through his past in the
concert documentary "Neil Young Journeys"
© 2012 Sony Classics

Neil Young Journeys (DVD Review)

(Reviewed October 14, 2012, by James Dawson)

Note: Most of my review of this DVD consisted of text cannibalized from my review of the film. Two new paragraphs devoted to the DVD's bonus features appear below.

DVD bonus features include two Young and Demme interview segments offering more than an hour of reminiscences about their history together, behind-the-scenes details and even some artistic advice. ("Be sure to welcome failure," Young notes, "because then you have no fear.") There's also a short making-of segment and the movie's trailer.

Unfortunately, the DVD's scene-select menu is not indexed by song, making it impossible to jump directly to individual tracks. The name of every song Young plays briefly appears onscreen, however, so each can be located with some attentive fast-forwarding. Another minor quibble is that the DVD's optional subtitles vanish during songs instead of providing lyrics.

Back Row Reviews Grade: B