Making fun of the costume will be the last thing on the mind of anyone who sees him.
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(Reviewed July 22, 2019, by James Dawson)

My review of this excellent superhero-horror hybrid appears on website (click this link to see it). The following paragraph from near the end of that review does not appear in the published version there, which is odd, considering that it is the only even vaguely political part of the piece:

Proving that there always will be an automatically offended Debbie Downer these days who can find fault with anything, someone at the "Brightburn" screening I attended complained afterward that the movie might make life more difficult for special-needs children. This apparently is because psycho-shamed Brandon isn't cured by counseling or allowed to act out with impunity. That kind of cry-bully criticism makes about as much sense as saying the movie demonizes illegal immigrants, because Brandon arrived in this country without documents and commits various felonies.

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